5 Slot Machine Tips: 2020 Edition

Slots are certainly the most popular but also some of the most exciting casino games. Both experienced and non-experienced players need to develop their strategy when hitting the slots. Therefore, we give you the following tips to use them to predict the game and make vast profits! 

  1. Choose simpler games 

Your slot machine strategy should start by avoiding the complicated games, as they will lower your odds in winning the payout. You might think that keeping track of multipliers and bonuses is fun and it helps, but you’re wrong. Instead, choose one of the simpler ones to increase your chance of winning! You can find plenty of simple games online and hit the machine slot! 

  1. Always go with cash 

We don’t know when was the last time we saw a coin-based machine slot, but there are still options to choose smaller denominations once you have inserted money. The trick is that you have a greater sense of how much you’ve spent, as virtual debit card money can easily fool you into thinking you still haven’t gone deep in debt. If you’re playing online, simply set an amount you are willing to play with. 

  1. Don’t be afraid to bet maximum 

The worst slot machine strategy is when players bet a little above the minimum during the spin. In order to get all the lines in action, you have to bet the maximum, as it will also increase your chances of getting paid. Moreover, multiple line slots call for activation of specific bets, and maximum betting comes in handy here. By betting maximum, you will not miss any part of the game. After all, you can’t even activate most features such as progressive jackpots and in-game bonuses if you don’t bet on all lines available. Of course, you shouldn’t always bet-max – you’d go bankrupt! Pick and choose your bets intelligently.

  1. Don’t get too excited over the jackpot

If there’s an answer to the question ‘how to win at slots’ – it would be – don’t try winning the big money. The chances of winning decrease proportionally with the amount of the jackpot. Instead, try choosing a machine slot with a lower jackpot and increase your chance in winning. Lower-prized slots often offer more frequent rewards!

  1. Stop before it’s too late 

Rule number one in all machine slot strategies – know when to stop. With all the fun and excitement you might get emotional and take it too far. Find your pace and enjoy the game. Determine your goals before starting and make sure you stick to your strategy!

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