About Us

Gambling was revolutionized by the internet just like all other businesses – but this revolution wasn’t all for the better!

Today the online gambling world is littered with faulty gaming software, bait-and-switch offers, unethical casino companies, and scams. Online casino businesses dwell in the gray area of legality, and this usually means it’s only a matter of time before someone is taken advantage of.

And this is where we, igaming-blog.com, come to the rescue.

We have reliable data on which games are okay to play, and which aren’t. Also, we have a wide variety of tips and tricks on how you can increase your winnings in an online casino. 

The old adage ‘the house always wins’ was getting really old – so we’re doing something to change it!

Our Beginning

Online gamblers are in a very vulnerable position considering the security risks and the lack of legal protection, so we decided it’s prime time we took matters into our own hands – and point gamblers in the right direction.

We were surprised to find that unethical behavior by online casinos is widespread, simply because it’s very hard to hold them accountable for their actions. From bait-and-switch promotions and bonuses, all the way to straight-up not paying players their winnings – someone has to warn players before they get burned.

Another aspect we wanted to focus on was the mix of science and gambling. By listing and reviewing gambling strategies and casino software, we want to help gamblers win more frequently.

Our Goals

Everyone at igaming-blog.com wants to give power back to the gamblers, the ordinary players, while also warning them to stay off scams, rigged games, and faulty gambling software.

In order to achieve all this, we stick to these three criteria: credibility, trustworthiness, and reliability.

We abide by them, and we judge sites by them. 

In each of our reviews, you will see our high standards, and the criteria we use to review, along with a detailed explanation of the reasons for our rating.

With our focus being solely on the player, we should point out that we would never take money or allow for our reviews to be anything less than the whole truth. All our pieces are based on what we really think and what we see. We’ll never publish an article that’s more like a subtle ad, rather than an objective review – and you probably came here from a site like that after being disappointed!

By The Players – For The Players

We do our due diligence and try to keep up to date with everything going on in the world of online gambling, but we are also open to suggestions for improvement.

If you think we’re wrong about something, or need more information on a subject, we’ll be happy to talk to you! Feel free to fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Online gambling was made for all players to enjoy online gaming in the comfort of their own homes, so taking advantage of this option is a no-brainer! 

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