Effects of Coronavirus On Online Casino Gambling

The break in the sports world won’t stop players to continue with their legal online gambling actions. 

In fact, since the beginning of the corona outbreak, there have been numerous reports on the ‘new wave’ of online gambling activities. A study on 1000 people by Survation showed that nearly 28% of the participants have slightly increased their gambling activities and 11% have gambled even more than usual. A whopping 41% of them opened a new online account during the pandemic, and that number can’t be underestimated. Another survey on 1870 US citizens revealed that 4% of the respondents bet more often since the start of the pandemic. 

This behavior is understandable, as people have to find a way to entertain themselves while being locked at home. James Grimes, a recovering gaming addict, shared his thoughts on this matter. To him, legal online gambling might be a way to fill the void for many people.

‘But there are also a lot of people who will be adversely financially affected by this, and gambling advertisements create the mistaken belief that gambling is a quick way of making money,’ he says. 

Either way, as we spend more time in-house, we are more exposed to social media and online gambling content and ads. 

Some governments around the world took measures against this. Belgium limited the deposit amount per week and Spain restricted gambling advertisements to a 4-hour window.  If anyone wants to do complete isolation, there’s a wide-scheme called GamStop, which allows users to ban themselves from gambling. Since the start of the lockdown, the company has seen an increase in requests from people who want to end their ban, so they can start gambling again. 

If you decide to use tech-analysts.com during the pandemic, make sure to test the software, see if it fits you. It may be suitable for some players, while not so much for others. 

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