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Gambling involves a lot of risks, no matter where you decide to play. We all know how quickly a weekend in Vegas can turn into a bad financial experience. That’s also true when talking about online gambling – except this is a greyer area when it comes to the way these games are run.

Casino games by their nature are risky for players who aren’t as experienced but still want to try their hand at playing a few matches. Not to mention the added risk of many online scams that parade themselves as legitimate casinos.

To avoid these risks, players can sometimes use the help of specific programs while playing. However, these specialized ‘platforms’ that allow players to have a little assistant in their game, are sometimes seen as a quick and simple way to scam people out of their money and don’t always have a real payoff.

This was something we kept in mind when approaching the tech-analysts software, to find out whether or not they did things differently.

Before we get into it, we should point out that these programs aren’t cheats, but rather a way for users to maximize their profits with a little math and a lot of data.  It’s a completely legal practice and you won’t get in trouble for it – don’t worry! offers one of these software programs. They claim that they employ user-based data, which helps the software learn from previous games and allows new players to win at the roulette tables. 

At first glance, this seemed just like any other ‘platform’. We’ve come across plenty of these on the market, and most – if not all –turned out to be scams, designed to cheat people out of their money. As a result, we had to look into tech-analysts and see if what they promised was actually true. 

There are a couple of things to consider when using any kind of software for online gambling. 

Security details of the tech-analysts software

Possibly the most important thing we found when looking into the website was the security of user information. After all, we’re talking about a site that will collect personal data as well as people’s credit card information in exchange for using it, and it should be super-secure. 

The privacy policy very clearly explains what kind of data the site is using. The ISP, IP address of the user and the URL through which they accessed the website are the only things that might be collected, which is just like any other website you might visit. 

In addition, they make note of the fact that any personal data will be stored by the website for certain services, like entering your credit card information to be able to play the game

Another security test that tech-analysts passes is its usage of the HTTPS protocol, evidenced by the URL of the website. Google makes sure that any information inputted into the website is secure. More and more, it seemed like a green light on all accounts.

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Payment options on

Obviously, if there’s money to be spent, there are going to be a lot of questions about where that money will go and what payment methods to use. If a casino website turns out to offer multiple options for both the depositing and withdrawal of money, it’s a good sign that their system is safe to use. money

There are various payment methods to choose from, including everything from regular credit cards like Mastercard and Visa, internet vouchers like CashLib, and finally the option very important for many users – cryptocurrency, most notably Bitcoin.

When a user chooses to deposit a given amount of money into the casino, tech-analysts doesn’t ask for any credit card details. You can withdraw money at any time too, with the exception of large sums on certain dates, which is due to arrangements with different casinos. 

Overall, gets another big plus when it comes to the safety of their software.

The community 

One often overlooked part of these websites’ safety is the community built around them. Tech-analysts are very transparent in this regard, with a dedicated community tab that shows the ongoing winnings of every individual user, the community earnings of the day, and the latest proofs of earnings. 

Another telltale sign of their transparency in showcasing their users’ satisfaction with the software, is the latest comments section. Here, you can find a combination of constructive criticism, questions, and positive remarks about the software, managers, and support. : Verdict 

Simple to use, easy and reliable – the software offered by is a good choice for anyone willing to try their luck in the world of online casinos and online gambling. Most importantly, it’s safe to use and doesn’t abuse any shady loopholes to scam you out of your money. 

Practicing secure online gambling is a must for beginners and experienced users alike! With tech-analysts, you can bet that you won’t only win when using their software, but feel completely secure while doing it!

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