Casino : Is It Legit or a Scam?

Since online casinos are making rounds, so are the various online casino software platforms that all claim to do one thing – place your bets and bring you the biggest profits. That means there are heaps of websites pointing at their own platforms and claiming they are the best way for people to make money online. 

Obviously, a lot of them are scammers waiting to cheat people out of their money.

That’s why when we first came across, we were a bit skeptical. We conduct deep analyses when it comes to keeping people’s money safe. It’s exactly why we rolled up our sleeves and got to work when we came across this platform.

It promised to deliver people’s profits with just a little technology and data. 

So, we decided to bite and check out these claims.

After looking over community tab, it was a ‘mix and match’ batch of comments, some negative, some very neutral and some very positive. For a platform that planted its roots in simple math and algorithms, we sought out to see whether the claims of a friendly, user-based, profitable experience were based in reality. 

If it’s fairly simple math they are proposing, then it should be pretty easy to see if it checks out or not.

What do they claim to do? 

According to the website, the software is rooted in user-based data and a state-of-the-art combination of the most highly optimized betting sequences as well as an analysis of RNG algorithms. They claim this system of calculations gives people the best chances of winning when playing roulette, while also making profit themselves. 

This was already raising our cynicism a little, but we decided to push forward.

In addition, offer continuous support from their team, and a free training guide that will not only teach you how to use the platform, but also give you money for doing so.

On top of that, their claim is that the system will help you profit with every session.

Okay, we’ll bite. 

Let’s review : First time use

tech-analysts registration

Once you open the website, the first thing you will see are that day’s community earnings and a big registration button.

True to their word, the registration is quick and simple. With just a few basic details about yourself and an e-mail confirmation, you’re already in the system. 

Nothing complicated, no loopholes, yet.

We were expecting to see a pop-up asking for credit card information with every following step but it was refreshing to see this didn’t happen. Thankfully, the website also doesn’t have any annoying, pre-checked, hidden boxes that may ask for additional payments – so far, so good!

Even during the testing process, tech-analysts do not require users to input any sensitive information, which again is surprising – it definitely helps you feel safer in what you’re doing. You are given a 6-step guide on how to use the software, and you get paid a reward with each step of your training. 

While this was looking very rosy, it was also raising the level of doubt when it came to this being a little too good to be true.

Next was the game phase. 

Once you’re in the demo of the game, you just have to sit back and follow the instructions by the software. The only thing to complete this step is to complete the demo sessions before going into an actual game of roulette.  This made sense considering that the software runs on specific algorithms that work based on the generated user data. 

With that being said, when it comes to the claims of the testing and demo being free, they hold up completely. 

So far there is no ‘ real money’ involved as you use ‘play-money’ during the demo mode. Another reliable site that detects software scams has to give its opinion on tech-analysts, check it out here :

Support for the community

Since claim to offer almost immediate support for their users, we had to check out how supportive and responsive they really were. It only took a couple of hours before we got a response back through the internal message system.  

Their user support includes a ‘personal account manager’ responsible for any questions you might have. Surprisingly, the response of my following requests was immediate.

This is a huge plus considering anyone will feel more comfortable knowing there’s another person on the other side of the screen, offering their help with whatever questions they may have. 

Moreover, tech-analysts offer support in English, German and French. 

Payments on

This is the make-or-break point for most of these online casino software platforms – the dreaded payments.

After the initial 20 sessions, will ask you to create a proper casino account and to deposit your first, what they call “working capital” to get started. It’s important to note that throughout this process, they don’t force you into depositing or playing – they even allow the user to re-do the testing process or contact support to be detailed on what they’re signing up for.

You can freely decide the amount you want to invest. Okay, sounds fair. The Casino will match that investment, giving you double the funds of what you started with. But Tech Analysts recommends in completely deny all bonus payments as they come with the common online casino wagering requirements. Alright, that makes sense.

I decided to start with a ‘working capital’ of €200.

The casino website offers plenty of payment methods to choose from. These include everything from regular credit cards like Mastercard and Visa, internet vouchers like CashLib, Paysafecards to cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. 

In short, the user has a lot of options when it comes to payment. This is a big plus if you’re looking for alternate ways of depositing your money and it works immediately. 

We also tested both the website and software in case it failed any anti-virus checks or had any hidden links that could potentially affect your own computer. We are happy to report that is as trustworthy as it gets in that department.

To read : how to play good ?

Is it too good to be true?

When looking over a lot of websites, especially online casino software platforms that promise to give people the best solutions when it comes to betting, you have to approach things very skeptically. 

After all, there’s a plethora of websites and platforms out there, claiming to endow your games with magic and win you millions by the minute. seemed a bit too good to be true at the outset, and we were very interested in how this free, well-performing software was going to hold up in comparison to the many scam sites out there. 

The process was fairly simple, just a short registration – and off we went! 

Throughout the process, we had support every step of the way, we were offered video tutorials to make sure we knew exactly what we were doing, and just in case – the TA live chat support agents were right there to help. 

Through some rigorous testing and a hefty dose of skepticism, we can say that while may not rid you of your doubts in online casino software platforms, it is definitely an easy and comfortable solution for anyone who wants to improve his betting strategies.

Of course, it is not just for professionals. As it is really simple to use and thanks to the provided training everybody can make use of the advantage using a betting strategy like professionals do.  

One thing that may ease a lot of people’s minds is visiting the community tab. When you open the website, the first thing you see are the daily earnings from its members. To make sure the numbers aren’t misleading, you can also visit the detailed tab that will show you everything from the top earners, to comments and latest proofs of earnings. 

It may also show you some negative comments though, so make sure to read up very carefully before signing up for anything.

However, in comparison to others, when giving a test, they seemed more professional and flexible than others.

It offers full transparency to everyone potentially joining in, which is an incredibly good feature – and it allows players to see that it really works by presenting the experiences of previous users. 

However, it is also extremely important to closely follow instructions. After all, if you are going to be putting your money into this software, you better understand where exactly it’s going and how you can utilize it. 

A downside is not being able to withdraw money before a certain date.

This is mainly due to casino arrangements that make it possible for people to get their money in the safest and easiest way. It’s more of a hassle than anything, but it’s something to consider for both users who are planning to join, as well the website itself as something to work on in the future.

Finally, a scam or not?

In our oppinion is not a scam. It is, however, a very helpful option to optimize your earnings, as it does what it promises – transforms your losing strategy into a winning one. We feel that it is exactly what people are looking for to improve their game strategies in online casinos

However, we will also caution for users to read carefully before signing up for anything. We are just reviewers – and we only share our experience!

All they’re proposing is simple math and algorithms – and with our extensive research we have found that their site definitely checks out as legit.

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