Tips On Playing Blackjack Online – How To Become Better?

Blackjack is not an easy game to play. It’s based on mathematical probability, but it’s one of the few games where the player has real chances of winning against the house because of skill or strategy. 

If you’re looking for ways to improve your blackjack game, here are some tips: 

Don’t Let Emotions Control Your Game 

True, playing blackjack online is not the same as playing in a land-casino – you can’t see the dealer. So if you’re trying to count cards, no one can see you, and if you practice enough, you may just be able to pull it off, on single-deck games. 

The major disadvantage to this is getting frustrated, anxious, or emotional – don’t give up, you have the math in your head, and your emotions aren’t useful!

Pick Single-Deck Games

Decks with fewer cards help newbies get a sense of the game, and while single-deck blackjack tables are perfect for online games, most online casinos don’t have them.

Some players argue that card counting is a thing with fewer card decks, but that’s not the case. Usually, online casinos use automatic card shufflers, one that reshuffles the cards after each hand, which makes counting cards impossible. 

Still, if you want to play a beginner’s hand at blackjack, look for tables with fewer card decks. 

Follow The Most Common Don’ts 

Never use the insurance wager. If the dealer’s upcard is an ace, an insurance side-bet is placed on the table. You can bet half of the original wager, and if the second card is a ten, queen, jack, or king you’ll win the bet. 

All it takes is simple math to see this doesn’t pay off in the long run.

Also, don’t split pairs of 10s, 5s or 4s. If the dealer’s hand is 7 or more, don’t stand on numbers from 12 to 16. 

Educate yourself before playing a hand in blackjack and you’ll enjoy the game even more – because you’ll be winning more!

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