Types Of Online Gamblers – Find Out Which One Are You!

The rise of accessibility to laptops, smartphones, and other devices has changed gambling. You no longer need to walk all the way to the casino because you can have your gaming time anytime you want. Thus, online gamblers popped into existence! There are many types of online gamblers, so let’s see if you recognize yourselves in some of them. 

The Slot Fanatic

This might be the most common group of online gamblers, and by far the most interesting! These guys will avoid any other game and stick to their first and last love – slot machines! They are the ones that regularly take part in tournaments, have their favorite title and are the most passionate players on slots.

The Chatters 

You either love them or hate them – there is no inbetween! These are the so-called social gamblers. They claim to be there just for fun, uninterested in the money, but wouldn’t mind some extra cash falling into their lap. The anti-chatters will always complain how they’re not focused on the game because they’re constantly typing, while others will lose themselves in a conversation with them and get distracted. Are you a chatter or an anti-chatter? 

The Trial Guys  

The type of players who don’t want to risk a dime! They will always play from a safe distance – for free! Once the game asks for a deposit they immediately shut it down and move to another trial. They are the most incomprehensible players. 

The Professionals 

The guys that know the business. They are not here to chat, to escape reality, or to waste time – they are here to make money and pay the bills! They take this very seriously and they’ve spent countless hours researching and calculating the best way to win that money!

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