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Community earning platforms are nothing new in the internet world. There are many seemingly similar platforms out there, but not all of them work as advertised. Some of them are trying to scam people by showing unrealistic offers that are hard to resist. However, I’ve been the victim of some of these scams and I know a scam when I see it!

I recently reviewed a new community platform named Westernasset.pro, and I concluded that it’s not a scam. The platform offers numerous software solutions that promise to help you generate a stable income on the internet – whether by working or by generating passive income. Although all options seem legit, I decided to first try the active income method.

Following the reviews I’ve read from other people, I decided to try the platform myself and see what it’s made of. Is it a scam? I still can’t be 100% sure, and I’ll conclude that after I make my first withdrawal.

For my first investment, I decided to start off with 500€. Some reviewers think that you should start with bigger investment to see the real benefits of Westernasset.pro, but since this is my first review of the platform, I wanted to go easy and see what will I make of it.

I decided to use the platform and keep notes for 1 month or until I make my first withdraw, so these are my notes and progress after using Westernasset.pro for 4 weeks.

DayCash earnedBalanceNote
1-71200€1700€In the first week of using Westernasset.pro’s roulette assisting software, I earned an incredible 1200€! I was playing with 1€ sessions, and I was using the software for about 2 hours per day. The sessions are quick and easy, and the software works very well. Very pleased by the platform so far.
8-14700€3300€The first long session hit me when I was about 1500€ in profit. I had a really long session, and I had to redeposit to finish the session the profit. The platform offered me a few suggestions to redeposit, but I chose the option with 99% chances of finishing the session. I redeposited around 1000€, and still finished the week with more than 700€ in profit. I was playing less this week because, so that’s why my results are not the same as in the first week.
15-211600€4900€What an amazing week this has been! I played for 2 or more hours almost every day, and even though I had several long sessions, playing with a larger balance is much easier and hassle-free. I didn’t have to redeposit because even the long sessions finish in profit when you have a balance of over 4,000€. I finished the week with 1600€ in profit, and my final balance was almost 5000€.
22-281000€5900€Final week of this test. I didn’t have almost any free time this week, but I still managed to use the platform for a few hours and I still made a profit of 1000€. The sessions are mostly quick and easy, but even the long sessions finish in profit. I completed the week with almost 6,000€ in my bankroll – which meant it was time for the final test if this platform is some kind of a scam: the first withdrawal. I decided to withdraw 5000€ and leave the rest in my balance so I can use the platform again. Following the verification of my profile and the completion of the whole procedure and pending time, I received my money after a few days in the payment method I prefer.

Following my 1-month-long scam check test of Westernasset.pro, I believe it’s a legit platform that can help you earn a lot. Judging by other reviews, I was lucky and I wasn’t hit by too many long sessions, but my profit of more than 5000€ in a single month is a proof that this platform is genuine

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  1. Nicee!!! I really like your take on this platform, and I see you made some nice cash out of it. Great review mate, keep up the good work!

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